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free printable blank weekly employee timesheet template excel

Everyone who is doing any kind of activityin a specific job may need this thing to record what they have done and what should be done next. Other than that, this is also used to calculate the payment which will be got by anemployee. What comes to your mind then? Yep. It is a timesheet for the employee. You may find various kinds of it, but here, we will discuss weekly employee timesheet templates especially. In general, a timesheet is used to enter the work hours and calculate the payment. Overtime, vacation hours, holiday pay, and sick leave will also be calculated in the timesheet.

As its name, the weekly employee timesheet template is used only for the weekly record, so that when the employee wants to have another record in another week, the employer has to prepare it regularly. In the past, it is called time cards which are used only to record the clock in ad out of the employee’s work shift. Using this template will also help the employee to keep track of what they have done in the work hours as well as the time they spent on it. Otherwise, not only for employees who are paid but this template can also be used for those who do volunteer work or calculate the community service hours.

Along with the technological development, nowadays people tend to use timesheet which is easy to be used as like using online or software. If a small business uses this weekly employee timesheet, it is the best option for tracking the employee’s work hours and checking the payroll calculation. Talking of its timesheet, you can easily find various kinds of it on the internet which is professionally designed and customizable so that it is reusable.If you want to design it yourself, then you can try to use Excel, Smartsheet, or Google Spreadsheet. Those are some apps you can use which is easy to be created.

Come to think about the content of the weekly employee timesheet template, other than the clock in and out also the payment detail, some details should be paid attention to. In the timesheet, there must be the detail of the week off. Employee’s detail as like name, ID, and phone number; regular hours, overtime, vacation, holiday, sick leave, and other; total hours per day, total hours for regular and the detail before, rate per hour, total payment per day and weekly total pay. You can customize the detail based on your need. Adding department and manager detail can also be considered.

Weekly employee timesheet template can be used individually per employee, but if the employer wants to track their subordinate without separation, one timesheet template can be used for some subordinates. As like be told before that we can create it easily by using some apps, we can also only download the ready download template that is provided freely on the internet. You just need to decide whether you are going to use an Excel document or other kinds of document. Even if you want a PDF or Word document, there are thousands of files you can find. Just try to Google it and voila you can find the right one you need.

Weekly Employee Timesheet Template | Excel – download

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