How to Write a Proper Teacher Resignation Letter by Using a Template

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In creating resignation letters, there is nothing wrong with using a template if you are not used to creating them. This applies to any kind of job that you have including when you are a teacher. For one or other reasons, a teacher might need to stop working at the school or institution that they are working at. When that happens, they will need to issue a teacher resignation letter and hand the letter to the school to make sure that all proper steps are taken. By doing it properly, they should be able to get a recommendation letter from the institution too. This could help them if they want to apply for a similar job position in other schools or institutions.

A teacher resignation letter needs to be written formally. There are many ways to write a resignation letter. However, for a formal resignation letter, you need to follow a certain structure when you are creating the letter. Some teachers even, need to include some supporting documents so that their teacher resignation letter can be processed. A good resignation letter will be able to show how professional they are when they are working especially in the educational field. Other than that, a proper resignation letter for a teacher can be a good indication for the school to look for a replacement straight away.

Just like writing any kind of resignation letter, a teacher resignation letter is not difficult especially if you already know the structure and what you want to include in it. Before resigning from a job, you need to make sure that you are ready for all the consequences. It is always good to have a backup plan before you resign from your current job. Many people would try, apply, and look for jobs elsewhere first before they resign. As a teacher, this is also something that you can do before you hand in your teacher resignation letter.

The most important thing from handing in a resignation letter to your superior is so that the message that you want to send across is achieved without offending them and the institution. As a teacher, just like any other job, it is best to give at least a 1-month notice when you are going to resign. This way, the school will have some time to prepare for your replacement to handle the students that you have in your class. It doesn’t matter what kind of teacher you are, whether you are teaching in kindergarten, primary school, junior high school, or senior high school, when you are going to resign you will have to hand in a proper resignation letter to the institution.

If you are a teacher at a private school, then your resignation steps need to be in order with the standard that the school has. You will need to hand in your teacher resignation letter to the institution, administration office (HR department), or the dean of the school. There are various templates for a teacher resignation letter that you can use when you are going to write your resignation letter. Choose the one that suits your needs best.

Teacher Resignation Letter Template | Word – download

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