Benefits of Having a Recommendation Letter for an Employee

free printable recommendation letter template for employee in Word

A recommendation letter for an employee is important to have due to administration purposes that they might have in the future especially if they want to apply for a new job in another company or organization. This type of letter will be able to state and acknowledge that you have been previously working in a company. As the letter itself is a legal and formal letter with the signature of the General Manager and stamp of the company, you can use it for different purposes in the future too. The letter is not only useful for the employee but also for the Human Resources Department. It will be easier for them to recruit new people by using a recommendation letter from their previous companies too.

By having a good recommendation letter for an employee, recruiters will be able to know detailed information about the individual even before they meet them in person. The letter is not only issued for permanent employees, but it can be issued for temporary employees that have finished their contracts in the company too. For an employee to be able to get this kind of letter, they need to have a good attitude while they are working in the company, and they resign properly following the standard procedures that exist in the company.

For recruiters, when new job applicants come and apply for a new job while bringing a letter of recommendation, they can be more assured that their potential new employees have no trouble in the past with their previous workplaces. A letter of recommendation for employees can also show appreciations of the company for their employees that have been working in the company. For fresh graduates and young people that might like to find new experiences, a letter of recommendation is important to have. It could greaten their chances of being accepted in a new workplace with the help of the letter as a supporting document when they first send their resume to the recruiters.

Since the letter consists of different formats depending on the purpose that it is going to be used. Some employees might need the recommendation letter for an employee as proof that they are actively working in a company. It can be one of the requirements for them to register for their social services number, taxes purposes, or bank purposes. Other than that, the letter can be used as an administrative requirement for recruitments for most companies. Recruiters will be able to measure the skill, abilities, and achievements of the potential employee just by looking at their letter of recommendation and resume.

For many people, they might want to advance their studies too even after they started working already. By getting a recommendation letter for an employee, you will be able to show that you have some experience working in a company already with good skills and a good attitude. This can be a good plus point when you are going to apply for a scholarship too. The creation of the letter itself is quite easy especially when a company or organization needs to keep creating them once an employee has resigned. They must have a template that they can use to create the letter with as well.

Recommendation Letter Template For Employee | Word – download

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