How to Write a Recommendation Letter Template for College

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Going to college may be the next step you take after your senior high school. Therefore, there are lots of chances you can find if you prepare it well. One of the things you should prepare is having a recommendation letter template for college. What comes to your mind then? Of course, it is a letter, but in short, it is a letter that is used by college applicants to endorse themselves to a college which is written by someone who knows the applicant well. This letter helps the college applicant to support the opportunity of enrollment. This is one of the formal statements which should be briefly written.

Before you start writing a recommendation letter for college, it is better to know more about it first. Besides it is an additional document, the reason why you have to submit this letter is many colleges require this kind of letter. Just being included in the applicant’s form, this can be the default value which states that the applicant has positive quality even though the admission committee doesn’t read it carefully. In the letter, there will be character traits that are highlighted by the writer so that the targeted college has more trust that the applicant will have a good record in the college.

If you decided to have this letter in your application form, then you must decide carefully about who will write this recommendation letter for college. Be sure that the person you chose has direct contact with you so that they surely know you well. The ideal person to write this letter is your teacher, counselor, or coach. They should be able to describe the applicant’s traits, skills, and work habits also the key facts of the applicant. To help them write, you can provide some documents that explain about yourself. You can also choose those who are still in contact with you after school hours as in the volunteer program.

Meanwhile, when you are the chosen one to write a recommendation letter for college, then, some things should be carefully paid attention by. Remember that you have toclearly explain what your relationship is as the recommender with the student as the applicant. Besides, you must highlight the applicants’ positive traits. In sequence, you have to state how the recommender knows the applicant, then start explaining the positive qualities which relevant to success in college. Don’t forget to add anecdote illustration of the competence and the character of the applicant. It seems easy but it is better to tell a story by showing it not only telling it.

In the recommendation letter template for college, some letter details should be written.There are three big parts in the letter which are the introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion. The introduction contains a description of the relationship with the applicant as the student. It can be from 2 to 6 sentences more or less. Therefore, in the body paragraph, you can start telling and giving illustrations. The first paragraph should highlight the student’s character description and achievements, followed byexpanding the first paragraph as like explaining the participation in school and school groups. End it with the conclusion, it summarizes the writer’s recommendation and gives clear statements that the writer is ready to be contacted for further questions.

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