What Do You Need a Letter of Transmittal for?

Free Printable Blank Letter Of Transmittal Template Word

A letter of transmittal (also known as a transmittal memo) is a special letter created to have the same purpose as a cover letter. It needs to be able to introduce your letter to the recipients. If you are going to distribute your reports to different people in different departments, then you might need to create a copy of your transmittal letters. With those different copies, you will be able to give specific comments to specific recipients too. Depending on the nature of the report that you are going to create, a letter of transmittal can be used to have a softer approach in sending out regular messages or positive comments. It can also be used as a non-direct approach if you have some negative comments for the recipients too.

In creating a letter of transmittal, you need to make sure that you pay attention to a few things, and you include all the important things into the body content of the letter. In the body content of a letter of transmittal, you need to highlight important points or parts of the report, especially if you are going to give out comments about other issues, give out suggestions for plans, and give out details that could help the recipients to understand and use the report properly. There are many times when a letter of transmittal is used as a thank you note for the report task.

The letter is also often used as a platform to talk about the report itself and offers to help in a future project. With supporting documentation such as a letter of transmittal, the report can be made clearer for the recipients even before they see them. It is very common to see that the letter is used in corporate action. As mentioned above, when sending reports between departments, a letter of transmittal can be used as a supporting document that will briefly explain the documents that you are going to share with them. They will also be able to know where they can store the document in the department as the letter will state those in detail too.

Although a letter of transmittal is a brief letter, it can still help as a supporting document to go along with another document to provide the recipient with useful information. Usually, the document that will be sent is an important document such as a proposal or a report. A letter of transmittal has a specific structure that is used and also the use of language will be a formal language where passive voice is very common to be seen. Depending on how you want to project the letter to the recipient, you can use some of the available templates.

Using a template can make it easier if you are going to create a new letter of transmittal but you have never created one before. There will be fields that you have to fill out and save. If you want to send a hardcopy of the letter, you can print it out and use the template in the future too. You can find some of these templates online or by using Microsoft Word. Depending on the style that you want for your letter of transmittal, there are different templates that you can choose from too.

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