How to Create a Business Letter by Using a Template in Microsoft Word

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A business letter is a crucial tool that can be used by a company to correspond with its clients, customers, suppliers, distributors, and many more. In the world of business, this type of letter will be able to help deliver a message between one company and another. Since a business letter will represent the sender of the letter, it needs to be done properly especially in how you word the letter. For example, you need to make sure that the objectivity, clarity, and simplicity of the letter are done properly.

Other than that, a business letter can also be used as a tool to deliver notifications, requests, ideas, or opinions that have to do with the business from one party to another. There are different types of business letters that a company can use, such as a promotion letter for new goods or services, and offering letter, an acceptance letter, a rejection letter, an invoice letter, and many more. The business letter is a written document that can be archived. Usually, during the auditing process, auditors will look for them to see all traces of communications or transactions between the company and its clients and customers.

Since a business letter is a legal letter, it can also be used as historical proof. For example, many companies use their business letter as proof of when the company was started, or as proof of when the company merged with another company (when that’s the case). With the legality of the business letter, it is considered as a formal letter from one company to another company, regardless of the content. By using this type of letter, the credibility of the company will be acknowledged by other parties as well.

One of the many purposes of a business letter is also to keep the communication between one company and other companies that they are related with (or do business together with) in a good relationship. It is even better if they are their clients, customers, or investors. They will feel more appreciated since the letter can be used as proof of their good communication and relationship.

These days, with the modern technology that is around us, many companies choose to keep their communications by email. Is it still considered a business email when it is sent by email? As long as the email has a letterhead, cover letter, or proper signature of the sender from a specific company, it can still be counted as a legal business letter sent from one company to another.

A formal business letter can be seen from letters that are sent out to clients or customers in the forms of contracts, invoices, reports, etc. You will be able to see that they have a letterhead with full information of the sender’s company on the top of the letter, the language that is used for the body of the letter, and the closing part of the letter along with the digital signature of the sender too. It is always good to keep up with the modern technology around us. You just have to make sure that you keep the professionalism side of it especially when you are going to send a business letter digitally.

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