Easy Creation of a Fax Cover Sheet by Using a Template in Microsoft Word

fax cover sheet template word

When you are going to apply for a new job, there are a lot of documents that you have to prepare. Many people think that you only have to prepare your resume and application form (if there is any). However, you have to also make sure that you prepare a cover letter to go along with those documents too. It is a supporting document that many people underestimate. You need to know that a cover letter plays an important role and can help increase your chances with the recruiter to know more about you and call you in for a face-to-face interview. By using a cover letter, they will be able to find out more about you even before meeting you in person or reading your resume.

Just like the name implies, a cover letter will be included as a cover document when you are going to send other documents with it too. Usually, you will be attaching the cover letter with a resume when you are going to apply for a new job. A fax cover sheet will work the same way too. However, instead of sending an email to your recruiter like how many people are doing it right now, it will be sent through a fax machine. Many companies are still using fax machines to send and receive physical documents.

In simple ways, a cover letter will state the motivation of the applicants in why they want to work in the company, what they can bring to the company, and reasons why they choose the company or job roles that they have already chosen. From the understanding of the cover letter itself, the content of the document will not be as much as a resume or a CV. You will only have to write a maximum of 1 page for a cover letter. The main purpose of having a cover letter is to introduce yourself as an applicant to the recruiter. You want to make the cover letter exciting so that the recruiter reads your resume and calls you in for an interview.

What needs to be included in a cover letter? You should make sure that your detailed personal information (full name, phone number, and home address). You should also state the company or organisation that potentially could be your employer. After that, you could also state where you found out about the job opportunity. With your interest in the position, you should make sure that you mention all the reasons why you will be a good candidate for the position that is available in the company. You can also mention briefly all of your achievements and skills that you have that can be perfect for the job description of the position.

For applicants, including a cover sheet with the resume and CV can be crucial for the recruiter to determine if they are showing interest in calling them for a face-to-face interview or not. The addition of a cover sheet can be plus points as they will be able to read briefly about each applicant even before they read their resume or their academic achievements. It can be easier for the recruiters to filter the candidates so the company could hire the right person to fill the available slot.

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