How to Properly Write an APA-Style Research Paper

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When you are studying in a university, of course, there are many times when you have to write research papers. Some universities, have a certain structure of research paper style that you need to follow. One of them is the APA-style research paper. If you have never written a research paper with this kind of style before, there are templates online that you can look out for and could help you create your research paper. Making sure that you are academically successful is not an easy task. You need to make sure that when you are writing the research paper for a subject, you do it right with the style that has been set by the university.

For the APA formatting rules, there are a lot of very particular things and you need to pay attention to them. Different sections of your research paper such as the title page, the introduction of the paper, along with your methods & results, including your discussions, and references need to be included in your paper. Here are some of the general APA research paper formatting rules that you need to follow. You cannot put page breaks between the pages of the introduction, the methods that you are going to use, the result pages, or in your discussion pages. As for the title page, references pages, tables, or figures, each of them needs to be on a different page.

For an APA research paper, the whole paper needs to be done in the size 12 font, with a double-spaced paragraph, written in the past tense, and have a margin of 1 inch all around (top, bottom, left, and right margins). On the title page, for your title, it should be coverage of your paper with 10-12 words only. In writing your title, your name, and the college or university that you are going to state, you need to have them double-spaced in paragraph (with no space). If you are going to use a header, you need to make sure that you create a header by using Microsoft Word’s View Header function.

For the running head that you are going to have in your APA research paper, you should write it in all capital. If you don’t know, the running head is the short title that you should have on all the pages (at the top) for your research paper. It needs to have a maximum of 50 words (including spacing and punctuations). You should also put a page number on your paper. This can be done by using the toolbox function (automatic page numbering). For your abstract, you need to make sure that it is centered and labeled with no bold characters. In writing your introduction, you should not write “Introduction”. As it is the hardest part of an APA research paper to write, you need to make sure that is going to summarize and evaluate your whole paper.

In an APA research paper, your methods need to be bold, centered, and labeled. It is one of the most straightforward sections to write, but you need to ensure that it is precise. The method will describe your study in the research paper in a way that other researchers could use your methods when they are writing their research papers. It is a good method when they can use it, especially to have different results.

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