How to Use The APA Literature Review

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When you are writing an essay as homework or at the end of the semester, following the APA citation is mandatory for some institutions. If you need to follow the APA literature review, there are some things that you have to pay attention to. Other than the formatting and citation with the APA style, you can also consult with your teacher to make sure that the article, essay, or literature that you are going to write will be in good standing. There are a lot of sites online that you can search regarding APA citation, APA essays, APA slide presentations, and many more. In social sciences, it is important to follow the APA citation especially to use site sources when you are writing your essay or stating your research review.

There is a certain APA literature review that you have to follow when you want to follow the APA general article or literature format. In your research papers, you need to pay attention to your endnotes, footnotes, citations, and also your references pages. The latest APA citation style is the 7th edition APA formatting style. If your institution follows the APA formatting style, then you need to find out the updated 7th APA formatting style. This new and updated formatting style of APA can be found online and you can follow in how your article will be structured.

With the format of the APA literature review, here are some of the ones that you should follow. You will need to have your essay or literature to be double spaced in paragraphs and make sure that the indentation for all sides is done in 1” margins. You will also have to use the standard-sized paper. That is the 8.5” x 11” paper. Make sure that the top of your page has a page header. If you are writing a professional literature review paper, you will also have to include your paper title and page on the page header. The title of the paper that you are going to place in the page header (running header) needs to be less than 50 characters (includes punctuation and spacing).

The APA manual in creating a formatted APA literature review does not specifically state that you need to use a specific font for your paper. However, you need to make sure that any font that you choose needs to be readable for professional essays or papers. Although, there are some recommendations for the fonts that you can choose. For the 10-points font, you can choose from Lucida Sans Unicode or the Computer Modern. For the 11-points font, you can choose between Arial, Calibri, and Georgia. If you opt for the 12-points font, you can use Times New Roman.

Another thing that you have to pay attention to when you are following the format for APA Literature Review is to make sure that the essay has 4 sections in it. That is the title of the page, Abstract, the Main Body of the essay, and References (at the end of the paper). The student APA format and professional APA format can be slightly different. Depending on the purpose of your paper, you can choose either one to be used for your paper.

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