How to Create a DIY Name Tent by Using a Template in Microsoft Word

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Microsoft Word is one of the many applications that are used a lot by everyone. Other than creating documents, articles, or invoices, you can also use Microsoft Word to create brochures, certificates, name cards, name tags, name tents, and many more. Creating a name tent in Microsoft Word is easy with the help of all the available templates.

All you must do is to choose the template that you want, fill all the empty fields in it, and print them out. It is as easy as that and you can get all the name tents you need for your next event. Although, advanced users might opt to use Adobe Photoshop or CorelDraw.

If you are unsure of how to choose a template in Microsoft Word to create a new name tent, here is what you can do. Open Microsoft Word on your computer or laptop. After that, click File, and choose “New or Blank Document”. You can then type in name tent and there will be options of templates available. Choose a template that you prefer, and click on edit or download.

Once you have finished, you will be able to edit the template that you have chosen. Make sure that you save the edited template and choose to print it out if you want. The next time you need to edit your name tents, you can go back to the file and edit it from there.

There are also a lot of different name tent templates available online. If you choose to download them outside of Microsoft Word, as long as they have extensions that can be opened in Microsoft Word, you can edit them through the application. This will also make it easier for you to customize the name tent depending on how you want it to look. Some might want their name tent cards to have a logo or picture or they might want to have a specific background color instead of white on it.

Some events might also want their audiences to have name tents with the logo of the event. So, depending on how you want the name tent to appear, you will be able to modify it by using Microsoft Word.

Designing your name tent cards on Microsoft Word can be fun too especially if you have already gotten the template beforehand. All you have to do is change the part that you don’t like and edit them to something else that you like. For example, there are font types and font sizes that you want to change, you can do that easily in Microsoft Word.

After you have finished with all the modifications for your new name tent cards, you can print them out and place them on the tables that you are going to have for the event. These name tent cards can be useful for people to know about many things about the person. For example, if you are going to have name tent cards for speakers of a seminar or event, you can also include their titles or position along with their names and their company. This is so the audience is more aware of them a little bit more.

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