How to Create a Bi-Weekly Budget Easily by Using a Template

free printable blank bi weekly budget template pdf

Creating a budget can be a hassle at times especially if you have never done it before. Just like managing the finance of a business, you can create a budget of your own for your personal use. If you receive a fortnightly salary, then creating a bi-weekly budget can be a perfect solution. Instead of doing a weekly budget, doing it bi-weekly will allow you to manage your finance in 2 weeks instead of every week. This can suit best if you receive your salary once every 2 weeks. The process of managing your budget itself can be daunting, but it can help you manage your income and expenses better.

For you that want to save money to buy something, doing your budgeting regularly can be beneficial. Even with a bi-weekly budget, you will be able to see and plan where you need to save or if you can cut some of your expenses. Depending on the income that you get, some of your expenses might be needed or it could just be impulse buying from your end. By doing your budgeting regularly, you will be able to see if you have extra money for some of the unexpected things. The process of budgeting itself will involve creating a report for your unexpected income and expenses.

If you have never created a budget plan before especially a bi-weekly budget, you can use one of the templates available in Microsoft Word to help you with it. There are different styles of templates that you can choose from depending on the preferences that you want. All of the templates available will be able to help you determine your plan for your budgeting. It will also help you control your finance better. If you think that you might have spent too much each time you received your salary, it can be a good time for you to consider creating a budget that can be beneficial for your financial situation.

In creating your bi-weekly budget, you should choose a style that suits you best. There are 2 types of budgeting that you can choose from. Top-down budgeting and bottom-top budgeting both have different purposes in helping different financial situations. Using top-down budgeting can be more suitable for a company, as the budgeting will be done by the management and all departments will need to follow the budget plans that are already created. As for the bottom-top budgeting, the budget plan itself is created separately by each department. After that, it will be compiled into one to become one big budget as a whole for a company.

Creating an individual bi-weekly budget can be done by following the bottom-top budgeting method as you will be creating the budget only for yourself and not for the whole household. You can also separate your budgeting plans into different sections. For example, you can set aside a budget plan for your daily meals, transport, accommodation, etc. Since you will also have variable expenses that might change every week, a bi-weekly budget can be suitable for your situation. With your expenses, you will also have fixed expenses. These are the ones that you have to regularly pay. By separating them, you will be able to manage your finance better too.

Bi Weekly Budget Template | PDF – download

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